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Our vision is much larger than a roadmap.

The "Buddles" collective does not focus on just one utility offering. Here, you will be able to learn more about what projects we are working on to actively reward our holders and develop the Solana NFT space as a whole through innovation.


We also recognize the importance of remaining flexible to make the best decisions for the project and holders alike through the completion of our plans.

Fractionalized Index DAO

We will be unlocking new ways for communities to collaborate and innovate as a collective and cohesive unit. Most "DAOs" essentially just function as an alpha group. "Buddles" is a true representation of what a DAO is capable of through the fully-fledged utilization of blockchain technology. Our innovations open up new and exciting revenue stream possibilities for our DAO.

Community Centered Reward Scheme

At "Buddles", our community comes first in every facet of our ventures through the establishment of revenue streams to share with holders, in conjunction with a rich reservoir of fun activities and events for our holders. This will be foundational for providing holders with unique ways to become involved with the "Buddles" team allowing for new ways to learn, participate and enjoy the NFT space. Enabling Buddles to bolster the web3 careers of holders.

Innovative DAO Tooling

The "Buddles" DAO is going to focus on building innovative tools for DAO operations. This will set us up for success well into the future as a collective. Through the addition of tools such as NFT-weighted voting, bounty reward systems, questing and proposals alongside collaborative community ventures that push the limits of an NFT collection. This dashboard will then potentially be the foundation of a new revenue stream for "Buddles" as we offer our services to other projects and businesses.

AI Tool Suite

As many of you may know, AI tooling is drastically surging in popularity but lacks the usability of widespread application for consumers. "Buddles" plans to act upon this by creating new AI tools that streamline mundane tasks and provide new ways to consume knowledge, anticipate trends and create content online.


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