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"The Buddles Ecosystem"

"Buddles" is focussed on one mission. That is to develop an all-encompassing ecosystem that contains the best values of web3.


All in one place.

Our Story

Greed and dishonesty have gone unchecked within the NFT industry. A large majority of projects are primarily concerned with overnight financial gain as opposed to a sustainable long-term strategy for their holders.

We want to create something fun, unique, collectable and valuable for our holders. Creating something that you will be proud to hold onto for life as it continues providing value well into the future.

Our mission is to create an NFT launch closely modeled to an IPO (Initial Public Offering), allowing our investors to see long-term fruition from their investment as the Buddles Ecosystem reaches maturity. Our team is passionate about providing innovative solutions to the ways that DAOs and individuals navigate web3.

At the end of the day, our team will be working on "Buddles" through thick and thin. Because this is our passion and we are here to make a change.

bubble city_.png

Our Vision

Our vision transcends a roadmap. "Buddles" is an innovative hub that will pursue numerous ventures and businesses to provide value for our holders and leverage our experience and opportunities in the web3 space.


Web3 innovation


Innovating DAO collaboration

Long-term viability

Improving the user experience of AI

The Team


Riley Campbell

Passionate about enriching communities through NFTs. Experience in e-commerce, business management, marketing consulting and real estate development. I have studied and am fascinated by all things AI and data science. I am most enthusiastic about developing opportunities for everyone in the web3 space using the advantages that blockchain provides for communities globally.


Matthew Morgan

Studying an Organic and Medicinal Chemistry major whilst pursuing my passions in web3 and abroad. Owner of an Animal Pharmaceuticals Company in Australia. A keen and experienced investor in stocks, cryptocurrencies and NFTs alike. Extremely driven to positively change the NFT industry through the Buddles ecosystem.

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