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Bringing long-term sustainability and accountability back to NFTs through a fun community culture brought together by AI and DAO tooling.

5,000 NFTs

Individually rendered, supporting a diverse range of sub-communities.

Buddle Labs

Developing AI and DAO tooling for the Solana ecosystem and our holders.

Buddle DAO

Fractional Index Fund DAO providing tangible assets to build the project's foundation.

Buddle Valley

Community-centric reward systems supporting unique and fun ways for members to collaborate and engage globally.


Developing a haven of sustainability and accountability to revolutionize the NFT industry. Far too often NFTs sprint to create short term value, utilizing all resources for immediate glorification and price spikes. Collectively, we are early in the crypto-industry and focused on providing innovative solutions using blockchain technology that provides longevity for our investors.

"Buddles" aims to create a stable foundation where our brand can sustain growth and reward holders as the industry matures and our innovations reach fruition.

Holder Value

Fractionalized Index DAO

Your NFTs will be backed by a diverse portfolio of assets through the Buddles DAO.

Community centered reward scheme

We are constantly and tirelessly developing new ways to cooperate and have fun globally as a community.

AI tool suite

Buddle Labs will be developing unique and innovative tools, such as our AI tool suite for holders to utilize.

Innovative DAO tooling

Buddle Labs will be building and implementing transparent and innovative ways for DAOs to collaborate and develop as a cohesive community

Join our community

Take the plunge and learn much more about what we have to offer by joining the "Buddles" community hub. We look forward to seeing you there!

In there, you will find one of the most hyped and welcoming communities on the Solana blockchain.

Plus, we share all project updates, beta releases and news on our discord channels.

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